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 We are a specialist company that focuses on the efficient removal of furniture and appliances, ensuring they are ready for relocation to another location. Additionally, we provide comprehensive relocation services for your homes, offices, and gardens.

If you require assistance in clearing out a residence, business, or office space, we offer a convenient service to remove unwanted items, including old and broken furniture.

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These are the Services we offer to our clients:


Office and Business Removal Service


House and Flat Removal Service


Garden and Waste Clearance Service


House and Flat Clearance Service


Office and Business Clearance Service


Probate Estate Clearance Service


House and Flat Removal Service

We are able to provide you with the complete house and flat removal service which meets all of your needs. Moving house can be a very stressful thing and it is better to have as much help as possible when undergoing a move.
Our excellent service comes with an expert flat removal team who can help prepare a moving plan to make sure everything goes right. You can control these plans and have them drawn up to reflect what budget you have to work with and what it is you need specifically.

If you happen to live in a flat, this is not a problem at all. We don't just carry out removals for houses. Everything we do and offer is available for residents who live in flats. 


Office and Business Removal Service

When you need to move offices, whether it's across the street, or across country; it doesn't matter if your company is small or massive, Removal Birmingham - Bloxwich can sort out your troubles. We have the experience to handle your items and furniture with care and transport them to your desired location in a swift manner.

We can offer you a full removal package to minimize disruptions and distractions to your office site; we are also able to work toward the end of your sifts and carry out the operation during the night.


Office and Business Clearance Service

When your offices are relocating, you aren't able take with you a vast amount of furniture, equipment or materials, maybe they're broken, or perhaps they aren't used anymore; either way, such things need to be cleared to make the relocation process smoother.

Call us, and we'll clear what you don't need or want anymore; our services are swift and careful, don't worry about us being around too long, we'll clear everything and be out of your hair quickly.


House and Flat Clearance Service

When you are looking for a house clearance service to clear waste and furniture from your property, you want a company who will make the process straightforward and hassle-free.

At our House Clearing Services, we can take care of all your household clearance needs. Why keep all that rubbish around you in your home, when you can let someone clean it up for you and take it away in just a matter of a couple of hours?


Garden and Waste Clearance Service

If your gardens are full to the brim with waste broken items and furniture, it could ruin and devalue your property; gardens need to be properly maintained regularly, but with a massive mess being in the way, you'll find it hard to fix up and maintain said garden.

Give Removal Birmingham - Bloxwich a call and we'll come over to clear and take away the blemishes that defaces your garden.


Garage Clearance Service

Over at Removal Birmingham - Bloxwich's Garden and Waste Clearance Services, we are the garage clearance experts. Our clearance crews can perform a full garage clearance service. We can remove all the items you request from your garage, such as personal possessions, furniture, carpets, white household appliances, electrical equipment, and clutter, junk and rubbish.
Our crews are trained and experienced garage clearance operatives that have the skills, knowledge and experience to clear your garage quickly and respectfully.

We can provide a garage clearance service that suits you and your requirements. If you need to make room in your garage that’s been stacked high for years with clutter then we are the team to call on.


Probate Estate Clearance Service

In our House Clearing Services, probate estate clearing can be understandably difficult for the removal of possessions of a deceased person's home, unfortunately, many probate house clearances happen as a result of mourning. We provide a discreet and professional service that will take away any worries which you may have.

Quite often before selling the probate property you’ll need an expert team to professionally and safely remove all items within the property, probate house clearances can often result in several skip worth's of unwanted rubbish, our clearance teams can take away the hassle of ordering unsightly skips as we do all of the lifting and loading taking away all of your unwanted items no matter how large or small they are. 

Our experts in Removal Birmingham - Bloxwich determine the size of the vehicle that's needed for any job without fail, you can still choose which option you want, whether its just a few things that need removing, or all of the interior of your home or office.
These are the possible choices:


Large Transport Van Service

If this option is chosen, we can remove and clear waste in your gardens, appliances in your kitchens and other larger rooms along with cubicles and common areas in your offices.


Luton Transport Van Service

If this option is chosen, we can remove or clear your largest furniture in your household, delicate equipment and large office areas, we can also remove large structures and some machinery in your gardens

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